Crews continue demolition of red-tagged apartment along Pacifica coast

Byby Sergio Quintana via KGO logo
Sunday, March 13, 2016
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In Pacifica, demolition crews continue work on an abandoned apartment building balanced precariously on a crumbling cliff.

PACIFICA, Calif. (KGO) -- In Pacifica, demolition crews to continue work on an abandoned apartment building balanced precariously on a crumbling cliff.

On Saturday, demolition crews tore away at the wood and plaster roof and walls of 320 Esplanade Avenue. These are the last days of this troubled property that has teetered at the edge of disaster for years.

"It's been an eyesore, plus I've been really worried that it was going to fall into the ocean and pollute our ocean," said Holly Sutter, Pacifica resident.

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In the days leading up to this tear down, crews stripped the property of any toxic materials to make sure none tumbled into the ocean below.

"This building is a pre 60's vintage and they have lead in the tiles and they have asbestos in the flooring," said Rocky Stitch, the demolition company owner.

The property was evacuated years ago by the city because the cliff it was built on continues to crumble into the Pacific Ocean.

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The recent series of storms have taken a faster toll than anticipated. In February, the property owner tore down 330 esplanade, which is next door.

But he declared bankruptcy, so the City of Pacifica stepped in. The city engineer says this demolition job is going as planned.

"We started with the middle part, so that the outer shell can be a protection against the wind, because we don't want debris flying," explained Pacifica City Engineer Van Ocampo.

The next door building at 310 Esplanade was declared uninhabitable in January. It's not clear when that property may also face demolition.

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