Is the iPhone 6 Plus bendable? One man dents it with just his thumbs

The iPhone 6 Plus may be too thin and big for its own good. After immediate reports from iPhone owners saying that the phone had become severely bent while being carried in their pocket just a few days after purchase, one man decided to put the new Apple device to the test: by recording himself bending it with his hands.

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By only using his thumbs, product critic and YouTube celebrity Lewis Hilsenteger is able to cause some significant damage to the iPhone, reminiscent of the possible stress the phone could endure while being carried in the owner's front pocket throughout the day. The video has already amassed 6,600,000 views in one day, sparking outrage amongst Apple fans and criticizers alike.

Since this weekend, many on social media have posted photos of their iPhone 6 Plus devices bent only days after purchase, claiming the new hastag, #bendgate.

Would you still buy the iPhone 6 Plus after watching this? Let us know in the comments below.

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