National Mac and Cheese Day: ABC7 News celebrates with unintentionally hilarious blind taste test of 3 San Francisco dishes

ByDion Lim and Julianne Herrera, Anthony Flores KGO logo
Monday, July 15, 2019
ABC7 News celebrates National Mac and Cheese Day with blind taste test
In honor of the national day for one of your favorite foods, we put three, very different macaroni and cheese dishes to the test! Well, to a blind taste-test, to be exact.

SAN FRANCISCO (KGO) -- July 14 is "National Mac and Cheese Day," and oh yes, we got cheesy with it.

We decided to celebrate at the ABC7 News station by putting three San Francisco dishes to the test, but with a twist.

Sports Reporter Anthony Flores got to be the judge of the golden goodness, but he wasn't allowed to see what he was eating!

Anchor Dion Lim tied a blindfold covering his eyes, and hosted a live Facebook video as Anthony had to sample and guess what was in each macaroni entree.

The dishes were:

Mac and Three Cheese from The Grove
Truffle Mac with Short Ribs from Mac Daddy
The BBC (Buffalo with bacon and chicken, topped with Hot Cheetos) from MAC'd

Watch the video above to see how he did! And vote for your favorite or share your favorite mac and cheese combo in the Facebook comments here.