8-year-old dancer steals show at Bay Area elementary school concert, becomes viral sensation

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Saturday, December 24, 2022
8-year-old dancer steals show at Bay Area elementary school concert
A Bay Area elementary school winter concert has gone viral thanks to an 8-year-old's impressive dance moves.

MENLO PARK, Calif. (KGO) -- A Bay Area elementary school winter concert has gone viral thanks to an eight-year-old's impressive dance moves.

Video from the concert has racked up more than 20 million views on Instagram and only continues to grow.

The video shows eight-year-old Jaden Williams tearing up the stage at his elementary school's winter concert in Menlo Park, upstaging his classmates.

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"I just started dancing," Williams said. "I was feeling the vibe."

Jaden Williams may sound soft-spoken, but he's anything but shy, busting a move for ABC7 cameras as soon as he was asked.

The concert that's now made Jaden's dance moves viral happened just before school let out for winter break. It was a show Jaden says he couldn't wait for.

"I was so excited to do that," he said of the concert. "I would tell my Miss Harrington, my music teacher, 'When is the concert going to start?' I was so happy."

That happiness spreading across the feeds of thousands on Instagram, something neither he nor his family expected.

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"His classmate's mother actually posted it on her Instagram and it kind of took off, and she had tagged tag my wife to it," said Kirk Williams, Jaden's father. "It just started just going viral from there."

Jaden seems to find happiness and excitement in just about any activity he does from his artwork, to playing and watching sports.

But Jaden's father says his son's dancing talent and presence have been there for nearly all of his eight years.

"He's been like that since he started walking, and we got to have a lot of parties here at the house, always a lot of music going on," Williams said. "Everywhere we go - friends' houses, parties, weddings - he's always grabbed the center of attention."

Despite Jaden's ability for entertaining and love for dancing, he has his sights set on becoming a professional football player and hopes to meet his favorite 49ers players: Nick Bosa and Deebo Samuel.

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