Jane Fonda visits SF to assist climate change-focused candidates in fundraising ahead of midterms

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Friday, November 4, 2022
Jane Fonda visits SF to back climate change focused candidates
"Our house is on fire. This is a crisis. We can't behave like business as usual." Jane Fonda stopped by Manny's in San Francisco on Wednesday night to assist candidates with a focus on climate change in fundraising ahead of the 2022 midterm elections.

SAN FRANCISCO (KGO) -- With the midterm elections less than one week away, candidates are busy making their last-minute pitches to voters.

One issue that's been prominent among many, especially here in California, is climate.

On Wednesday night, actress and activist Jane Fonda stopped by Manny's in San Francisco to help fundraise for election candidates with a focus on the environment.

The film icon has a history of activism that spans decades, and currently helps run a climate-centric political action committee.

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Fonda says she views climate change as the most important issue for generations to come, and one that will impact nearly every aspect of our lives.

"The climate crisis and the extreme weather events that are only going to get worse, will only hurt the economy more and more," Fonda said.

Among other things, Fonda and many of the politicians she supports, want President Joe Biden to declare a climate emergency.

"When he does that, so many more things become possible including much more money. Including money from the Pentagon," Fonda said.

But getting political buy-in in a country that's deeply divided can be challenging.

David Ackerly is the dean of the Rausser College of Natural Resources at U.C. Berkeley.

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"We need to engage with all the populations, all the people who are impacted in communities where these things unfold in a really thoughtful way to do it together," Ackerly said.

Due to feeling unwell, Fonda had to end her night in San Francisco early.

But before leaving, she vowed to keep fighting for what she believes in.

"I support candidates that are brave and will stand up to the lies. And stand up to the big corporations and serve people and not corporates," Fonda said.

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