Philly man eats 1000 different cheesesteaks!

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Tuesday, February 1, 2022
Man eats 1000 different cheesesteaks!
Philadelphia's cheesesteak guru, Jim Pappas, has completed his mission of eating 1000 different cheesesteaksPhiladelphia's cheesesteak guru, Jim Pappas has completed his mission of eating 1000 different cheesesteaks

Phoenixville, Pa -- We all know that Philadelphia is a cheesesteak city, and a Delaware County man is on what he calls a Cheesesteak Adventure.

Jim Pappas has spent the past four years literally eating his way through the cheesesteak capital of the world He just ate his 1,000th cheesesteak, each from a different shop ranging from Princeton, New Jersey to Reading, Pennsylvania to Bear, Delaware.

He ate No. 999 at Joe's Pizza in Hatboro, ordering his usual- fried onions, mushrooms and American cheese.

And he's not only eating Philly's favorite sandwich, he's judging it.

He created a 100-point system in which he grades each cheesesteak based on five categories: roll, meat, cheese, extras and then the overall experience of the place.

He has legions of fans who follow his adventure and wait for his reviews.

Pappas declared Joe's Pizza cheesesteak a winner, and he bit into number 1,000 the very next day at G Lodge Cafe in Phoenixville, where he arrived decked out in a celebratory green sequined jacket.

He's now planning his 3rd annual March Cheesesteak Madness, set up just like the men's NCAA basketball tournament.

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