'Child's right to choose' vaccinations: Kimmel's response to vaccine critics

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Tuesday, March 3, 2015

Last week, Jimmy Kimmel expressed his feelings about vaccinations by enlisting doctors for a public service announcement supporting vaccinations for children.

That video was met with criticism by those who oppose mandatory vaccinations. In response the show said, "Jimmy believes strongly in vaccination - but in the interest of fairness, we gave our community activist team Jack and Becky some air time to express their anti-vaccination views."

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Jack and Becky took to the streets to see how people would respond to their support of "a child's right to choose." They explained to passersby that they believe children should not be forced to be vaccinated, but should instead have a choice.

"A child would also like, stuff their face with a bunch of candy if they could and vomit, and turn around next week and do the same thing," one pedestrian argued.

Jack and Becky said that's how children learn.

The pair also conducted a 'study' to prove that vaccinations are wrong by asking children if they would like to be vaccinated.

"We found that 100% of respondents said they would prefer not receive a vaccination shot," the 'study' concluded.

Kimmel's original video illustrated his stance that the public should listen to doctors who support vaccinations. His new video seems to show his belief that those who oppose vaccinations aren't listening to the same experts, or maybe aren't listening at all.

Jack and Becky got one woman to sign a pledge supporting a child's right to choose as she explained how silly she found the idea of letting children choose.

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