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Monday, May 18, 2015
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SACRAMENTO (JobJournal) -- Following in the footsteps of others who have been successful provides a practical roadmap to setting and accomplishing both your professional and personal goals. Here are eight personal traits that have helped those individuals chart a path to success:

1. They have a positive attitude. A positive attitude is very important in helping a person become successful in life. Hope, optimism and enthusiasm have a magical effect on the way you think and set your goals.

2. They understand who they are. In order to set appropriate goals and take better advantage of life's opportunities, first look within yourself and focus on the qualities you want to improve.

3. They understand others. Developing the ability to understand others is important for a successful life and for achieving dreams. Gain insights by taking the time to observe others with an open heart and mind.

4. They make a good first impression. Remember to pay attention to your appearance, correct any bad habits and improve your manners to put yourself on the pathway to success. Treating others with respect is essential to achieving your dreams.

5. They reach out to others. Little things make a big difference in realizing your goals. Being sincere and trustworthy is very important in helping a person become successful in life. Practice conveying sincerity to others through your actions, such as radiating a sincere smile and practicing a sincere handshake.

6. They cultivate friendships. Having a number of close friends is an important determinant for success in life. Get out where you can meet people and adopt the attitude that everyone you encounter is a friend. Learn how to break the ice and keep a conversation going.

7. They communicate effectively with people. What you say and how you say it are both very important to becoming successful. Learn the art of skillfully asking questions to achieve the result you want.

8. They understand the value of time. Time is our most important asset, especially when it comes to setting goals and achieving dreams. Consider writing down your use of time for 24 hours, categorize your activities and then evaluate if you're getting the most value for those hours spent.

Excerpted from Yes, You Can...Reach Your Goals and Achieve Your Dreams, by award-winning authors Jim Stowers and Jack Jonathan, available at Amazon.com. For more information on achieving goals and reaching your dreams, visit YesYouCanOnline.info.

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