Joe Biden's rescue dog headed to White House could be 'major' for Bay Area shelters

SAN FRANCISCO (KGO) -- For the first time in history, a shelter dog will call 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue home when President-Elect Joe Biden moves into the White House in January.

The Bidens own two German Shepards and one of them, Major, is making history.

"We are so excited to see a shelter dog living in the White House," said Karalyn Aropen, Vice President of Marketing for the East Bay SPCA. "I hope it opens people's minds to rescuing dogs from animal welfare organizations."

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The First Family has had a dog for more than a century, until Donald Trump took office.

President Trump was the first president in decades to break from modern tradition of the First Family including a four legged friend.

As the Biden family brings back the tradition of bringing pets into the White House they'll also be making history with the first-ever shelter dog as a part of the First Family.

The Marine Humane Society and the Friends of Alameda Animal Shelter tell ABC7 News Facebook posts welcome the first rescue dog to the White House were among their most popular posts ever.

Aropen is hoping this translates into more adoptions instead of shopping when families look to welcome a pet into their homes.

"I just think it's such a great example that adopting your dog can be a fantastic way to gain a family pet. They can make amazing companions, just as much as those gotten by breeders," she said.

Aropen said she hopes Americans seeing Major and Champ in the White House will inspire others to take in German Shepards because they are among the top three breeds that find themselves in shelters, along with pit mixes and chihuahuas.

"We have seen the breed grow in popularity, and they are of course very intelligent, very loving dogs. So a lot of people are interested in them," Aropen said.

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The East Bay SPCA currently has two Shepards Mowgli and Jamie up for adoption.

Adoption fees are $125 and include everything needed to welcome a new furry friend into your family.

They are currently available to meet adoptable animals by appointment.

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