Prop 6 campaigning heats up 15 days before election

SANTA CLARA, Calif. (KGO) -- The Yes on 6 bus tour rolled through the South Bay on Monday.

Republican gubernatorial candidate John Cox showed up to lend his support for Prop 6.

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"Millions of hard working, forgotten Californians have to choose between buying groceries and filling up their tank," said Cox.

If approved by a majority of voters, Prop 6 would repeal the recent fuel and vehicle taxes passed in 2017, eliminating about $5 billion in revenue earmarked for highway and road repairs and transit programs.

Prop 6 would also require voter approval for any new or increased gas and vehicle taxes in the future.

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No on 6 supporters say the taxes are paid for by the people who use the roads and repealing the gas tax will put a stop to necessary repairs already in the works in the Bay Area and across California.

"The reality is people are already paying money because they have to repair their cars, their shocks, their brakes, their tires, because our roads are so full of potholes and people want to get home to their families a little earlier and get out of traffic," said Jason Baker of the Silicon Valley Leadership Group.

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