Bay Area counties offering new features to help voters

SAN FRANCISCO (KGO) -- Voters in California should start receiving mail-in ballots for the June 5 primary, signaling the start of the home stretch before the election.

Some Bay Area counties and ABC7 News are offering new features to help voters.


San Francisco officially opened its voting center at City Hall on Monday. Voters can come here through Election Day to pick up a ballot in their language, drop off their mail-in ballots or use voting equipment that supports people with sight or mobility issues.

"We expanded the voting center starting in 2016 'cause we expected to have a higher turnout here at City Hall of people using the voting center. We're just maintaining that structure to go forward," San Francisco Elections Chief John Arntz said.

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Four years ago, our last non-presidential election, only a quarter of California's registered voters cast a ballot in the June primary.

The state is trying to boost participation this time by replacing neighborhood polling places with "one-stop vote centers."

San Mateo and Napa are two of the five counties in the pilot program, which includes automatically sending a mail-in ballot to every voter.

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