You can do snow, summer sports in Lake Tahoe this 4th of July holiday weekend

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Wednesday, June 28, 2023
You can do snow, summer sports in Lake Tahoe this 4th of July weekend
Skiing in the morning, whitewater rafting in the afternoon, beach in the evening? That's just one possibility with all the outdoor activities available this Fourth of July weekend in Lake Tahoe.

LAKE TAHOE, Calif. (KGO) -- We are quickly approaching the Fourth of July holiday weekend and if this year is anything like what we've seen in past years, many will head out of the Bay Area to the Tahoe region.

Those folks are in for a treat too - temperatures are expected to get hot and there are all sorts of outdoor activities including whitewater rafting and get this, skiing.

Get out your red, white, and blue because skiing will be an option at Palisades Tahoe up until July 4 for the first time in more than a decade.

"It might be a little bit slushy out there, at the same time we're skiing on July 4 so pretty amazing to say," said Patrick Lacey with Palisades Tahoe.

MORE: Palisades Tahoe sees record snowfall this season after deluge of storms

Palisades Tahoe says it has officially reached 700 inches of snow this season after a deluge of storms hit California over the last several months.

And temperatures at Palisades, where the Freedom Fest festival is being held, are expected to go into the 80s or beyond. Fashion could be a thing.

"Lots of times you'll see people out in their bathing suit ripping around or you know, just shorts and a t-shirt is perfectly fine, no gloves," said Lacey.

Others though will be taking to the water, and not just Lake Tahoe but the rivers in the Sierra.

"This is one of the best river seasons that we've probably seen in the past 10 years," said Pauly Miltner of Tahoe Whitewater Tours.

There was chatter about whitewater rafting being closed in the Tahoe region. That is true, but just for two rental companies close to the damn near Lake Tahoe where water is not being released. That's not true for three other companies like Tahoe Whitewater Tours. Those companies are open downstream on the Truckee where there are four other water sources; and open along other rivers.

"We're starting to book up trips but there are always slots available. We run seven days a week, we have five different rivers that we run," said Miltner.

MORE: Lake Tahoe water was clearest it's been in 40 years during end of 2022, report says: Here's why

The water at Lake Tahoe is the clearest its been in the last 40 years, according to the Tahoe Environmental Research Center.

But if you go anywhere near Lake Tahoe, pick up your trash.

"Last year our volunteers collected 3,450 pounds of litter," said Chris Joseph with League to Save Lake Tahoe.

That was last July 5, according to Joseph. He says this year it will likely get very busy again and that could mean more trash if visitors aren't careful.

Joseph also says to plan ahead because beaches are smaller and water levels are higher.

"The lake is quite high so it's about a foot and a half below its legal limit, so that means nice, big, beautiful lake, high-water levels, small beaches and quite cold water," said Joseph.

"Just this past Saturday, I was skiing in the morning and then I was mountain biking in the afternoon and then going out on the beach in the evening, so it's just a fabulous time for some recreational activity up here in Tahoe," said Lacey.

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