It's Latina History Day

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Friday, March 11, 2022
(Photo: Courtesy Agave Uptown)

OAKLAND (KGO) -- It's Latina History Day. Today, we celebrate Juana Díaz. She is the inspiration for Executive Chef Octavio Díaz's vibrant cuisine at Agave Uptown. The bold flavors of Oaxaca, Mexico, come to Oakland by way of her history with mole.

Mole, the name stemming from Nahuatl word mlli, meaning "sauce," is a traditional, rich sauce originally used in Mexican cuisine.

"Our passion is mole. It has the love of all of us, all my sons. We all carry it in our hearts." Juana watched her mother-in-law prepare tasteful meals and learned how to make mole. She passed along the recipe to Chef Díaz.

He prides himself on making authentic mole consisting of 20+ secret ingredients he brings from Oaxaca several times per year, to which he adds, "Mole is a celebration of life. It's made of spices from around the world which landed in Oaxaca." His mother, Juana, spends time in their hometown, sourcing ingredients for the renowned Bay Area restaurant.

As he thinks about the exotic and rich staple of his restaurant, Chef Díaz's fondly remembers his father's words, "We are all mole." He commemorates his life with a special blend of wine, labeled Don Ruco. Watch their story:


Latina History Day recognizes historic and current achievements of Latinas. You can find businesses to support at Shop Latino.

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