'Bachelorette' villain Luke makes it to the hometown dates with Hannah

ByJennifer Matarese KGO logo
Tuesday, July 2, 2019
'Bachelorette' villain makes it to the hometown dates
"Bachelorette" recap as Hannah chooses her final four men.

NEW YORK -- Our "Bachelorette" Hannah and her remaining men headed to The Netherlands. This is the episode where she will decide whose hometowns she will visit.

1st 1-on-1 Date

Hannah looked beautiful, but was battling a scratchy throat and was losing her voice. She asked Jed to go on the first one-on-one date. They strolled through Amsterdam and got some chocolate, toys, went on a boat ride, and even did some dancing in a town square. Then they spoke to a couple who had been together for 54 years, but had only known each other for 10 days before getting married. Hannah and Jed awkwardly kissed and talked about their relationship with the elderly people still sitting there next to them.

That evening, Jed told Hannah that earlier was one of the best dates he's ever been on. Hannah agreed. She wanted to open up to him, so she decided to tell Jed that she has feelings for multiple people there. He told her that he can tell she's unhappy with the drama sometimes and she can talk to him about it so he can take some of that on for her. Hannah said that when they had clicked their heels up while dancing she said she felt like she's falling in love with him. She said she's known it for a little while, but has been afraid to say it. Jed said he felt the same way and then Hannah gave him the date rose. That means she's going to visit his hometown!

2nd 1-on-1 Date

The date card said, "Tyler will you ride into the sunset with me?" Tyler was a bit nervous to ride a horse, but he was a good sport about it. They had a hard time getting the horses moving, but they seemed to have a fun time anyway. Tyler and Hannah had ice cream and then chased that with some pickled herring. It was a bit gross. Tyler took a giant bite and spit it out. He nearly threw up. Hannah told him, "You need to man up!" That was not one of his finer moments. Hannah really pressed him on what he was getting in his head about the prior week and she said that she feels like he's holding back. It seemed a bit unnecessary, but Hannah wanted to know all of his insecurities.

During their dinner, Tyler admitted that he doesn't really open up to anyone. He said his parents' divorce has made him wary of doing that. The market crash basically tore apart his parents' relationship and he has a big fear of divorce. Hannah said her parents are still together but they sometimes have communication problems. She said that's why she puts such an importance on communicating with Tyler. Hannah told Tyler she was proud of him for talking with her about the tough stuff. She said that she really wants to meet his family so she offered him the date rose! He said, "Always Hannah, always." Aw! He added that he's falling hard for her and that he has no doubt he could be the guy getting down on one knee for her.

Connor's Surprise Visit to Hannah

The last one-on-one card said, "Mike, I'm drawn to you." So that meant Connor, Luke, Peter, and Garrett would be on the group date. Connor was really upset and didn't know if he'd be ready to bring Hannah home after just another group date. Tyler returned from his date shocked that Connor was so upset. Connor decided that he was going to surprise Hannah at her hotel room. Hannah said that he seems to have faded in the group dates. Connor said that he may fade in the crowd, but he keeps hanging on to that one-on-one date they had. He said that he had the feelings of falling in love on that date. Connor added that he is excited about the future and where it could go. Hannah said she didn't feel as confident in him anymore and said he needed to show up weeks ago. She told him that while their time together is always good, there are other relationships that she has stronger feelings for. Hannah said she didn't think she could see it being him at the end. That was it, Connor was gone!

3rd 1-on-1 Date

Mike and Hannah went for a bike ride and headed to an art studio. They spent the afternoon drawing and painting each other. They changed into some sheaths and the professional artist painted them. It was a very cool, modern looking portrait. Mike told Hannah after their painting that he felt very serious for her and he wanted her to know he was thinking of the day as a day with his future wife. Hannah says she's not sure if she feels the same way yet.

Mike showed up looking dapper for their evening portion of their date. Hannah told Mike she was having a hard night and was already tearing up and crying. It was a beautiful setting. Hannah cried and said that a painting of St. Catherine and men fighting in the background reminded her of her own experience. She kept crying and told Mike that she knows she's not his fourth lady, meaning after his mom, grandma, and sister. Mike told her that he knew it was hard for her to say and he couldn't say he was "happy" about it, but then he thanked her for being honest. He is a class act. Hannah said it was her hardest goodbye yet because he's a great human and she wants him to be loved fiercely by someone.

Group Date

Hannah was recovered from her earlier scratchy throat and was looking forward to trying to have fun day despite having to send one of the guys home. They went into a setting where she could talk with each man one-on-one. Luke was first to speak with Hannah. "You know me, I hate to talk about the other guys," Luke said. Oh my goodness! He said that Jed told him to keep his "head out of his a**." Added that Garrett told him he was being "fake" in his cordial talk with Luke. Hannah said she couldn't understand why the other guys dislike him. Luke told her it's just because he steals their time with her. Um, yeah...that's it.

Garrett told Hannah that he hasn't been sleeping much, and he still feels like he's falling in love with her. Hannah asked him about what he said to Luke. Garrett was honest about it. He told her that it's the Luke P. show and that it's monopolizing all of their time. Hannah seemed frustrated that Garrett didn't want to talk about it. Garrett went back to the main room and told Luke that his time was coming to an end. Luke was upset that Garrett was happy about how his conversation with Hannah went. He started screaming at Garrett about how he wasn't going to mess up his relationship with Hannah. Luke completely lost his cool. They had a great bologna battle with some deli meats sitting on a tray...and handed it back and forth.

Luke decided to go outside and talk to Peter. He said that he wanted to give Peter the heads up, and Peter told Luke that he lied the night before about staying in his lane. Peter accused Luke of ruining her "headspace" and he decided to walk away from the conversation. Peter stole Hannah away and they had a romantic time together. He told her that he wants her to meet his family and it fills his heart with happiness thinking about it. She told him that she would be excited to meet them. Peter said to Hannah that he finds her honesty sexy and that he never wants it to end. Hannah said that she could see a future with him. Hannah gave him a date rose and sent him on his way.

This excruciating date continued as a two-on-one. Hannah begged them to keep the drama out of the rest of the evening. Luke decided to tell Hannah that he drank excessively and was chasing sex early in college. He said he hated chasing those "fleshly desires." He said he cried in the shower and decided then to become the kind of man his dream wife would want. She said her experience is similar and she appreciates the Lord in her life. Hannah likes that he is open about his faith and that conversation connected them. They made out and Luke felt confident that he would be ready to propose to her by the end.

Garrett told Hannah that he is super comfortable with her meeting his family. He told Hannah that she pushes him and makes him grow a person. He said, "I love you, I love you." And admitted that his feelings hit him like a ton of bricks. He said that it usually takes him years to say something like that, but he just had to say it. Hannah said that she had to follow her heart and it completely floored Garrett because she picked Luke. Luke laughed as Hannah walked Garrett out of the room. He thanked Hannah and told her not to apologize and he said, "I won't forget you," and "don't hide that red nose." Garrett was so sweet to her. He said he couldn't believe what happened. The men back at the hotel couldn't believe that Luke got the rose. Garrett is concerned that Luke could really end up with Hannah.

The hometown dates look amazing. Luke's has a deep religious aspect to it, and the others look like a lot of fun with deep conversations. But, then it seems that Hannah has been developing her physical relationships and that things that she's done with some of the other men will be a huge problem between her and Luke. Who else can't wait for next week already?!