Man survives black bear attack in Boise, Idaho

A Boise man is alive after surviving a bear attack in the Idaho wilderness last week.

Stephen Vouch, 29, said he woke up after he felt his hair being pulled on.

When he touched the back of his head, he said it felt wet and that's when he knew something was wrong. "When I looked up and I could see the moon, that's when I kind of freaked out because I could hear the thing and see the shadow and the figure and hear it huffing and puffing," Vouch said.

Vouch tried to grab his gun, but couldn't find it. That's when one of his friends fired a shot, hitting the animal.

They said they really didn't know what it was until they looked up and saw the bear sitting in a tree, wounded.

They fired another round killing what turned out to be a young male black bear.

Vouch suffered a gash to the back of his head, but he wasn't seriously hurt.
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