VIDEO: Man bitten by shark while spearfishing in Bahamas

BAHAMAS (KGO) -- The survivor of a harrowing shark attack lives to tell his story - and it's all caught on camera.

Will Krause was spearfishing in the Bahamas when a 7-foot-long reef shark bit his head and neck.

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His story went viral after he posted on Thanksgiving about his self-proclaimed brush with death, posting a photo showing the stitching running up his neck.

After the attack, his shipmates pulled him into the boat and took him back to shore to get help.

Krause said it was all a blur. "The only thing I really can remember at that moment under the water was the sound. The sound of the crunch of my head. Which is not a pleasant sound."

Krause said he doesn't plan on getting out of the water anytime soon - unless it happens again.

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