Master Chef Martin Yan is making these mouthwatering traditional dishes for Lunar New Year

ByChris Bollini & Dion Lim Localish logo
Friday, February 5, 2021
Master Chef Martin Yan dishes on his Lunar New Year traditions
From traditions to signature dishes, we met up with Martin Yan to talk all things Lunar New Year.Legendary Master Chef Martin Yan talks about the importance of Lunar New Year traditions and shares his signature dishes to ring in the Year of the Ox.

SAN FRANCISCO -- Martin Yan, a master chef and legendary television host of over 3,000 cooking shows around the world, prepares one of his special Lunar New Year dishes with ABC7's Dion Lim.

"Today we're going to do something very traditional, very authentic...a lettuce cup," Yan explains, "It's fresh, it's contemporary and it's healthy."

As he prepares the dish, Yan also discusses the symbolism of Lunar New Year dishes like noodles with meatballs. "A noodle is long-lasting happiness, long lasting friendship, long-lasting good fortune, and good health," Yan says. "So a meatball is nice and round. Round means infinity, is never-ending...that's another symbolism."

Yan then points to a bowl full of colorful citrus fruits. "Mandarin orange, orange, tangerine...the color of gold," Yan explains, "When you visit friends and relatives...always bring along this to wish them good luck and good fortune."

Yan ends his time with Lim by sharing his Lunar New Year wish. "Let us wish that everything is going to be different, " Yan reveals. "Fresh, new and exciting in the Year of the Ox and this is what my wish is." For more recipes, visit here.