New high-tech fix is sweet news for ice cream lovers

ByJohn Clark WTVD logo
Wednesday, February 12, 2020
Hi-tech upgrade coming to ice cream machines
Bloomberg reports that new software at McDonald's and Burger King is being installed for the ice cream machines.

Has this ever happened to you? You dash into your neighborhood fast food restaurant with a strong hankering for ice cream only to find the soft-serve machine is down -- again!

Well, help is on the way.

A high-tech upgrade is coming to ice cream machines at fast food establishments.

The soft-serve machines are notorious for being out of service at McDonald's. But Bloomberg reports new software from Kytch is being installed to make them easier to fix.

Kytch's website says its software "connects to ice cream machines to provide remote control, real-time data & analytics and AI-powered predictive maintenance."

The news service says Burger King is also installing the software. Enjoy!