CONSUMER CATCH-UP: Metallica warns fans of impostor crypto scams, Robinhood launches IRAs on app

ByMichael Finney and Simone Chavoor KGO logo
Wednesday, December 7, 2022
Metallica warns fans of impostor crypto scams
Metallica recently announced a new album and world tour - and scammers are trying to profit off fans' excitement.

SAN FRANCISCO (KGO) -- In this edition of Consumer Catch-Up, metal legends Metallica warn their fans of impostors pretending to stream their new album to lure them into a cryptocurrency scam, and investment app Robinhood announces new retirement accounts for customers.

Metallica warns fans about fake livestreams and crypto scams

Metallica recently announced a new album and world tour - and scammers are trying to profit off fans' excitement.

Metallica took to Facebook Monday to warn followers of fake YouTube livestreams that use a QR code to link unsuspecting fans to phony cryptocurrency giveaways. "In the wake of last week's exciting news of our new song, new album, and new tour, unfortunately the ugly side of social media made an appearance," wrote the band in a post.

The YouTube videos purport to be new interviews with the band, with full plays of the upcoming album "72 Seasons," due out next April. However the interviews use old footage taken from promotions in 2020 and 2021, and promote fake "Metallica Crypto giveaways."

The band noted that all of their social media accounts are verified, and urged fans to double-check the name of any channel or account offering Metallica content to ensure they're not being taken in by an impostor.

Investment app Robinhood announces launch of retirement accounts on platform

Robinhood, the investment and crypto trading app, has announced a new product on its platform: Individual Retirement Accounts, better known as IRAs.

While IRAs have long been a common way for folks to put money away for their older age, this is the first time Robinhood has forayed into retirement investing. Robinhood's CEO, Vlad Tenev, cited the fact that many younger workers don't have access to 401(k)s through their employers as a reason for the offering. "Today, you're seeing an increasing number of people doing contract work, part-time work, gig-economy work. They just don't have access. We wanted to bring that to everyone, no employer needed," said Tenev.

Robinhood is even offering 1% matching for qualifying contributions, which could mean an extra $65 in the pockets of workers under the age of 50 who contribute the maximum allowed amount to their IRA.

Early signups for the accounts start Tuesday, with full access for all beginning in January.

Google Search now uses continuous scrolling to show more results

Clicking is (almost) a thing of the past on Google Search.

Google on Monday announced they were reformatting their search engine results page, offering a "continuous scroll" instead of having users click onto further pages of results. Users will be able to scroll through the equivalent of the first six pages of results before having to click on "See more" at the bottom of the page.

Google rolled out continuous scroll for its mobile app in October 2021.

According to Google, most users view the first four pages of results for their queries.

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