Minneapolis men's knitting group finds solace and creates friendships

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Tuesday, January 18, 2022
Minneapolis men's knitting group continues to grow
This men's knitting group in Minneapolis finds peace together during the pandemic.

MINNEAPOLIS (KGO) -- The pandemic has led many people to look into new hobbies in their free time.

One of those popular pastimes is knitting, and there's a growing group of men in Minnesota who love to knit.

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It's an art form that can be healthy and healing.

One man says he taught himself how to knit when he was trying to quit smoking - and it worked.

He says he hasn't smoked since.

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"It's really nice to meet other guys who actually are excited about yarn and textile creation, and the different things you can do with it," said Carlos Rodriguez, a member of the club.

"It's a great social outlet. You come into a likeminded community of people who are all excited about what they're working on."

The knitting club has about 60 members.

They meet regularly at coffee shops, breweries, and yarn shops.