Controversial LGBT mural in San Francisco's Mission District vandalized

BySergio Quintana KGO logo
Sunday, June 21, 2015
Mural vandalized in San Francisco?s Mission District
For the second time in a week, an LGBT mural at a gallery in San Francisco?s Mission District has been vandalized.

SAN FRANCISCO (KGO) -- A mural at a gallery in the Mission District of San Francisco is drawing controversy. For the second time in a week the digitally printed installation, which is made to look like a painting, has been defaced.

This was supposed to be a mural aimed at starting a conversation that many in the Latino community believe is long overdue, but so far the response has been upsetting.

"This is a deliberate attempt to erase a part of the community that people don't want to deal with," said Henry Pacheco, Galeria de la Raza spokesman

The mural blends scenes from Chicano, or Mexican American culture, with the lesbian, gay and transgendered experience. Two cholos are together, two women, or chola's and a single transexual with scars. Defacing the images is one thing. The big concern is about threats made online against anyone wearing items connected to the display.

"We have youth who volunteer, we have community elders who volunteer and we don't want this to escalate to the level of people getting hurt," said Pacheco.

The most vocal critics have posted on the gallery's Instagram feed. @barrio2barrio wrote - in part: "I have been traveling and documenting in Northern California since 2000 and have never seen any of this".

ABC7 News has attempted to contact @barrio2barrio and not received a response.

The gallery already spent about $3,000 three to replace the whole mural, they're going to spend another $3,000 to get it printed all over again and ask a team of 12 to 24 volunteers to reinstall it later this week.

Following that re-installation, a public forum is planned to talk about these issues.