Napa parents frustrated by high school football hazing investigation

NAPA, Calif. (KGO) -- Angry parents demanded answers from Napa school board officials about a hazing investigation that's been going on for months involving members of the Napa High School junior varsity football team.

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There was frustration inside the Napa School Board meeting over the incident in which players were inappropriately grabbed. It took place in the team's locker room last November.

"Please give us a definition of what hazing is -- let us know what's an assault and what's not," asked one parent at the meeting.

The ongoing investigation has left 11 members of the team disciplined and some suspended from school.

John Torres says his son was wrongly accused. "He's an AP and honors student who has now fallen behind due to the guilty 'til proven innocent approach, the district has chosen to take."

"I know some of my teammates didn't do what they're accused of doing," said player Josh Marshall. "You have ruined their lives."

Many parents say the investigation has gone on too long and has left most of the team and coaches under a cloud of suspicion.

"Trying to be held responsible for something that was not their fault," said parent Tom Jinks. "For something done by a few bad apples."

Napa School Board President Jose Hurtado said, "This matter is still under investigation by Napa PD."


Board members offered no details while the police investigation continues.
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