Only known-survivor of suspected Stockton serial killer describes terrifying encounter

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Monday, October 17, 2022
Survivor of suspected Stockton serial killer describes encounter
The only known survivor of the Stockton serial killer is speaking out about the attack.

STOCKTON, Calif. (KGO) -- The only known survivor of the Stockton serial killer is speaking out about the attack.

"There were no words exchanged. Didn't come any closer. Didn't say anything. Just started shooting. I saw, I saw flashes," said Natasha LaTour, describing the terrifying moments when she encountered suspected serial killer, Wesley Brownlee.

LaTour, who was unhoused at the time of the shooting, recently spoke with a Stockton-based grassroots media outlet about the shooting.

She said she was standing next to train tracks in Stockton when she suddenly saw a gun pointed at her.

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"I was on the side and then a man came around the corner. They already had the gun out, and they just started shooting. I ran towards him knowing I'd have to get closer to the street if I wanted to survive," said LaTour, who added she was shot about 10 times.

"There's a burning that's incredible. You're wet all over and you don't know why you're wet, and I was really glad my legs moved but every time I moved my legs I got wetter, and I thought I was dying."

LaTour crawled away from the scene, not knowing where the suspect went, and started calling for help.

"I heard a car come by me and then I heard a door open or close and I could tell they went down a distance and then I heard a man say, 'I'm here, we're calling 911 for you don't worry,'" she said.

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Miguel Vazquez, an Oakland homicide victim linked to the Stockton serial killer, may have defended himself before his death according to his family.

That was the Spring of 2021 -- and LaTour says when she saw images of a possible serial killer circulating, she knew right away.

"When I saw the image of the person from the back, even though I never saw their face, I knew that was the person that tried to kill me," she said.

Her description of the suspect turned out to be key in catching the killer.

"She did let us know it was a male suspect," said Stockton Police Chief, Stanley McFadden. "She was able to provide us a height and weight and that's what we connected with the video that we're pushing out."

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Chief McFadden said ballistics helped connect all of the shootings. And, as for LaTour, she's been sober since the shooting and is no longer living on the streets.

"I truthfully honestly, 100% forgive the person who shot me, and I want them to know in a strange way they kind of saved my life," she said.

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