Record year of dog adoptions leads to Christmas puppy shortage

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Friday, October 9, 2020
Record year for dog adoptions brings Christmas puppy shortage
2020 has been a record year for dog adoptions, which has lead to first national Christmas puppy shortage. Dog breeders and animal shelters across the United States are struggling to keep up with demand.

SAN FRANCISCO (KGO) -- It's a record year for puppy adoptions and purchases during the coronavirus pandemic, and SFGate reports the frenzy has created the first Christmas puppy shortage.

From high-end breeders to shelter adoptions, people are turning to dogs to ease the pains and isolation caused by the pandemic.

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The first wave of purchases happened right at the start of the COVID shutdown in March, as people realized they had the free time to train a new puppy, the outlet says.

Now as people see that the pandemic isn't going to end any time soon, demand continues to soar, and may result in some disappointed kids come Christmas time.

SFGate reports that in July, Family Dog Rescue in Bernal Heights district had a monthly record 187 dogs placed in new homes, compared to around 100 in a normal year.

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The pet market industry has further surged to a record breaking $100 billion this year.