Warriors' Draymond Green 'Public Enemy No. 1' in Boston

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Saturday, June 11, 2022
Warriors' Green 'Public Enemy No. 1' in Boston
Celtics fans won't stop talking about Draymond Green even with Stephen Curry battling a possible ankle injury ahead of Game 4 of NBA Finals.

BOSTON (KGO) -- Celtics fans won't stop talking about Draymond Green even with Stephen Curry battling a possible ankle injury.

Warriors fans are also greatly outnumbered in Boston, but attempting to make their presence known.

"I got here at midnight last night," says Warriors fan John Canevaro.

"We flew in yesterday, San Francisco to Boston," said David Leal of Gilroy.

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"Even on the flight, there was no blue and gold. We wore all of our Warriors gear and were the only ones," says Warriors fan Kelly Leal.

Shirts that say 'Draymond Sucks' are now the hottest item in town but it has not phased Joey Canevaro, a Dubs fan who flew in with his dad and is wearing his Draymond Green shirt proudly.

"Earlier I passed a kid who was wearing a 'Draymond Sucks' shirt it was pretty funny," said Dubs fan Joey Canevaro.

Say that Draymond's name in Boston and Celtics fans lose it.

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"Have you heard of Draymond Green?" we asked. Maria Delios of Kane's Donuts quickly responded, "The crybaby? Give me a break, he can't take a little trash-talking in the Garden!"

"And Draymond's mom is going to be going 'oh my God!' It's getting a little hectic, Draymond is acting up a little bit, but you know you got guys around the league who do the same you gotta bring a little here and give a little bit back in order to make things work right," said Celtics fan John Getchell.

But when you really search up and down the streets of Boston, like when you go to the "Cheers" bar or Kane's for donuts, you find those who live here now, but really do love our City by the Bay and the team that comes with it.

"My name is Ari Lurie and I'm a native 3rd generation San Franciscan but now I live here in Boston. As the song goes, I left my heart in San Francisco so I'm calling it Warriors in 6!" said Ari Lurie.

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Just don't get those die-hard Boston people going because they really won't stop.

"You really get on Draymond Green here I've never seen anything like it," ABC 7 News Reporter J.R. Stone said. There was a quick reply, "Come to Boston more. Cause everybody does it, everybody does it, and everybody saying that they don't do that, but they do, do that they were all over us in California you guys were all over us," said Getchell.

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