Cue the allergies: Photographer captures 'pollenpocalypse' over Durham in North Carolina

DURHAM, N.C. -- Pollen was in the air on Monday in North Carolina's Durham ... and on cars, the ground, handrails and practically everything else outside.

It was an allergy sufferer's worst nightmare -- the sneezing, the congestion, the itching/watery eyes.

Before thunderstorms rolled in on Monday, photographer Jeremy Gilchrist was able to capture the severity of the apparent "doomsday" situation that was hovering above.

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He posted several photos to Facebook saying, "No tricks here. Yes you are looking at a green haze made up of tree pollen from the pines of central NC! This is Durham:"

The sight of it is enough to make any allergy sufferer cringe.

While some will be able to breathe a bit clearer on Tuesday because Monday's rain washed the yellow stuff away, meteorologist Brittany Bell said the pollen count will jump back up later in the week -- meaning "pollmageddon" could soon return.

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