New Grumpy Cat? Meet Sauerkraut, the new king sourpuss of the internet

Get ready internet, because there's a new grumpy cat in town.

Pictured above is Sauerkraut, a seemingly dismayed feline who was adopted from an animal shelter by Oklahoma residents Amy and Patrick Beder, according to ABC News.

"When Sauerkraut came to us as a foster, it was clear early on that she had some neurological problems," Amy Beder told ABC News. "But now she weighs about 5.5 pounds and is fully grown. Many people are surprised at her tiny size. She is full grown and has enough attitude for three normal sized cats."

Sauerkraut has Feline Hyperesthesia Syndrome, and has to wear clothes to stop her from injuring herself. But the couple says that the cat is in very loving hands.

"Sauerkraut does not mind traveling in cars and loves looking out the window and watching the traffic roll by. She is harness trained and enjoys riding in her stroller," Beder said.

Tardar Sauce, the original grumpy cat, became an internet sensation in 2012. Photos of the cat were regularly shared online, and has become so popular that there is official merchandise based on the dismayed feline.

Check out the gallery above to see images of Sauerkraut, and let us know who you think is the grumpier cat.
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