Concord police chase ends in deadly crash

CONCORD, Calif. (KGO) -- Police in Concord are investigating after a pursuit ended with a fatal crash Saturday.

The Jeep driver lost control and crashed in front of a Montessori school.

Neighbors along myrtle drive heard a crash, then sirens. Then they saw Clayton police and fire securing the scene around the unrecognizable white vehicle.

"It actually shook the whole house, rattled everything. I looked out the window and saw the smoke," witness John Martigopoulos said. "We just heard a large, loud like bang, and came around the corner and happen to see the car all tore up."

The wrecked white jeep still had branches on it from smashing into a tree before landing in front of the Montessori school. Inside you could see it appeared to be stuffed with suitcases, clothes and other personal belongings. Many residents waited to see if the driver and any passenger survived.

"I saw them carrying one of the bodies away on the stretcher. I think she was alive at the time, and the other one pulled out she passed away," another witness said.

Police spent several hours gathering evidence from the scene. Witnesses saw Clayton police chasing the white vehicle which had no tags. They say the car was travelling at a high rate of speed. It struck a wall, went airborne before hitting a tree, and then landed in the driveway of the school.

"I believe a cinder block flew 50 yards. It flew and hit the house when I was inside," Jason Studdard said.
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