Search underway for US Military helicopter in Nepal

KATHMANDU, Nepal (KGO) -- There is a search for a missing U.S. Marine helicopter that was on a relief mission before the 7.3 earthquake struck this week.

In Katmandu, ABC7 News reporter Sergio Quintana spoke exclusively with the Marine general who is leading the United States response in Nepal. He said obviously they are very concerned that they have not been able to locate that helicopter. They are still searching.

Help Nepal: Support quake relief and recovery efforts

The relief and recovery efforts in Nepal will likely need even more help now. If you would like to donate, you can text NEPAL to 90999 to contribute $10 or call 1-800-RED-CROSS.

He didn't really have any clear answers as to why any homing beacons on that helicopter might not be helping in that effort. He did say that they have not picked up any signals and they have not made any contact with that crew.

PHOTOS: Second major earthquake strikes Nepal

One sign of just how scared people are in Katmandu, following the 7.3 earthquake on Tuesday, is all of the brightly colored tents you see all round the city.

Just outside Quintana's hotel window, he could see several people who are camped out on the grounds. That's because the hotel has allowed people to simply come and set up their tents because they recognize that people are still afraid that there are going to be continuing aftershocks. People fear any further shaking might rattle their homes apart, and they don't want to get crushed within their own homes.

ABC7 News reporter Sergio Quintana is one of the only Western journalists in Nepal. He traveled with a U.S. rescue team who was delivering aid, when the 7.3 earthquake struck and has been reporting from the earthquake zone since. You can see all of his reports here.

You can follow his Twitter updates here

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