Video shows how to keep warehouse parties safe in wake of Ghost Ship fire

OAKLAND, Calif. (KGO) -- In the wake of the Ghost Ship fire, Oakland event organizers, producers and public safety experts have assembled a video on keeping parties fire safe.

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"The video is intended to provide a few basic steps to make your party safer," Co-Living Space event manager Andrew Ward said.

A 4.5 minute safety video sprang from the weekend horror of the Ghost Ship fire. "I woke up Saturday to news of the Ghost Ship fire and I have media experience and thought I should make a video," Michael Morgenstern said.

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It's hosted by Ward and public safety expert Joseph Pred, who spent 18 years as emergency planner for Burning Man. He says we are all responsible for safety whether throwing or attending a party. "All the code compliance in the world, all the security and other resources onsite can't replace your own individual responsibility," Pred said.

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That means getting out, if something doesn't feel right, or feels unsafe. "These are chemical sensors. If one of them goes off the others go off with it," Radiance Owner Dan Dunkle said.

The producers of the video showed a place that's doing it right. Dunkle owns the living and public meeting space named Radiance, which has the five essentials lighted exit signs, lots of fire extinguishers, smoke alarms, a minimal amount of flammable material and exit doors that are quickly accessible. "This is the exit out the front, if people had to flee they would come out this way and reach the street," he said.

Those improvements and a robust sprinkler system cost a quarter million dollars, but the video also shows cheaper options. The producers say what won't work are evictions saying tenants: "Are going to play wack-a-mole. They're going to go to another warehouse," Pred said.

A better solution is to find a way to help make current housing safer.

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