A look back at families reunited with pets after North Bay Fires

SAN FRANCISCO (KGO) -- As Wednesday marks the one month anniversary of the deadly North Bay fires, we focus some of our attention to families who have been happily reunited with their pets.

You can image the sheer joy many felt after finding their dogs, their cats, and even their goats in the aftermath of the fires.

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A dog named Izzy was found alive and well, wagging her tail in Santa Rosa. This is just one of the many reunions of people and their pets.

The Robinsons found their dog Bill at the Marin Humane Society after getting separated during the firestorm.

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Then, there was fearless Odin in Sonoma County. The hero dog refused to leave his goat herd and stayed behind during the Tubbs Fire. Odin's family said all the animals survived thanks to Odin and his instinct to protect others.

And we can't forget about Milo the cat - the entire neighborhood burned down, but somehow Milo was found alive huddled underneath a car. Ed Ratliff said he lost his home, but feels grateful Milo is with him.

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As for Izzy, her family said this was one of the greatest moments of their lives because just when they thought they lost everything, they found Izzy, their miracle dog.

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