Santa Rosa family recalls moments they fled home with nothing during North Bay fires

SANTA ROSA, Calif. (KGO) -- The North Bay wildfires destroyed 8,900 structures,.3,000 of those were in Santa Rosa alone.

Neil Blodgett, his wife, and 3 daughters had lived in this Santa Rosa home for 14 years before the fire.

It was 12:30 in the morning when they got a knock on the door, and in a foggy haze, without thinking Neil ran out the door, with just the clothes on his back.

"I was just traumatized. I mean he got nothing. I should have grabbed something," said Blodgett.

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Across the street was the burned down Hilton Sonoma Wine Country hotel.

"To think this was part of what I was involved with by accident, it's sad," said Blodgett.

Next to the hotel was a restaurant, which held special significance for the family but has also turned to rubble since the fire.

"This was the place I took my future wife to our first date. Since we've been married 30-years," said Blodgett.

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Back at their house, one of the 1,800 structures that burned down in Santa Rosa, nothing can be saved.

Neil still works with his hands but has since found himself a job as a builder. But for now, he just wants just one thing.

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"More time with my family. I think this has brought our family a lot closer together," said Blodgett.

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