Oakland Animal Services seeks donations for sick puppy's treatment

SAN FRANCISCO -- Frodo, a terrier mix puppy who came to Oakland Animal Services as a stray, was set to be adopted into a happy home but now is fighting for his life.

While waiting to be neutered before his impending adoption, the pup contracted parvovirus, a potentially fatal infection of the intestinal tract, from another dog. His adopters decided they could not afford Frodo's expensive treatment given his uncertain prognosis, animal services officials said.

In the past, the shelter has lacked the resources to treat the disease but recently has been providing the extensive veterinary care required for puppies suffering from parvo that have a chance of recovery.

To help treat Frodo, the shelter is asking for support from local dog lovers.

Frodo first came to the shelter as a stray but his happy personality quickly got him adopted in May at a Maggie's Pet Adoption Day, a program that pays adoption fees and gives support to shelters.

The adopters were eager to take him home, but Frodo fell ill before they could. Frodo's treatment could run up to $5,000.

Funding provided to the shelter through the city's general fund doesn't cover extensive vet treatment for seriously ill or injured dogs, so they look to their non-profit partner the Friends of Oakland Animal Services.

"We think treating the animals that have a decent prognosis is absolutely the right thing to do," Oakland Animal Services director Rebecca Katz said in a statement. "Just look at this puppy. He deserves a fighting chance at life."

Donations to treat Frodo and other dogs like him can be made here.

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