Oakland-based soccer club looks to build a new stadium near Coliseum

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Friday, April 21, 2023
Oakland-based soccer club looks to build a new stadium near Coliseum
If the A's do leave, what happens to the Coliseum? Enter Oakland Roots Soccer Club, which wants to build a new stadium next to the site.

OAKLAND, Calif. (KGO) -- If the A's do leave, what happens to the Coliseum site and the land around it?

Developing it is something that's been mentioned numerous times, but there could be a major hurdle, the Athletics. Even if they move to Las Vegas, they could have a say in what happens to the site.

All eyes are now on that Oakland Coliseum site and nearby properties as the Oakland A's have signed a binding agreement to purchase land for a new stadium in Las Vegas. But...

"Oakland is one of the greatest places in the world! We love it!" said Oakland Roots Soccer Club and Oakland Soul Soccer Club President Lindsay Barenz.

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Barenz is optimistic about the future of the area. The soccer teams announced Thursday a proposal with the city and county to enter into a lease that would put a temporary soccer stadium with stands similar to the ones used in golf tournaments and F1 races, at the Malibu Parking Lot next to the Coliseum Site.

"It would be there for 10 years. It would be our home in Oakland and we are super excited to have made it official with the proposal and really want to and hoping that will work out for us," said Barenz.

The situation though, is complicated. Currently, the A's are buying the county's 50% stake of Coliseum land. The City of Oakland owns the other 50% and has entered into a development agreement with AASEG, African American Sports & Entertainment Group. The group wants equity to be the focus in property improvements at the site going forward.

Here's Board of Supervisors President Nate Miley.

"I would even hope that we could get the A's to sell their interest they're buying from the county to the African American Sports & Entertainment Group so that group can control the entire site, I think that would be phenomenal," said Miley.

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As of now though, the Roots SC are hoping for approval of what would be a multimillion dollar private investment in the area. Barenz says they've sold out many of their soccer games with a 5,000 person capacity at Laney College and this would allow for 10,000 fans to watch games.

"Our goal is to be in this temporary facility by 2025," said Barenz.

Miley says he's saddened by the A's news but looking at the glass as half full.

"I think losing the A's will have an economic impact in the area both in terms of jobs, construction, and other things but I do think it could trigger a bright future for the Coliseum area and the City of Oakland, which Oakland is in the county if the right things are done," said Miley.

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