Oakland A's welcome fans back to Coliseum for Opening Day

OAKLAND, Calif. (KGO) -- Baseball is officially back in the Bay Area as the Oakland A's welcomed back fans to their home opener Thursday night against the Houston Astros.

The team has been setting up the Coliseum to ensure it's as safe as possible for fans:

  • All concessions will be ordered on a mobile app and delivered to the stands and all transactions will be cashless.

  • Face coverings will be required except when eating and drinking.

  • Overall, capacity will be limited to 26% or about 12,000 people.

  • Fans will be seated in groups of two or four.

Although Thursday night was cause for celebration, there was one hiccup that affected the stadium's mobile app for ordering food.

For much of the game fans struggled to place orders and some weren't too happy about it.

"How do I do this?" said Juliana Goulding who went on to say, "I just want some beer."

Theresa Lopez said she knew about the order system so she registered Wednesday but then still had issues on Thursday.

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"When I checked my bank they took the $24.52 out of my bank account but they don't have an order for me," she said.

While tailgating isn't allowed at games during the pandemic, cars were able to enter 90 minutes early and you could see that folks took their time going inside.

"We're drinking Diet Pepsi as far as you know," said A's fan Billy Burns.

As for inside the Coliseum, pod seating is part of the safety plan for a stadium that sat more than 10,000 Thursday night. Zip ties were used to sanction off areas with groups or pods of two, three, and four people scattered here and there.

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"We had the same seats since 2012 they are right there they're zip-tied shut," says season ticket holder Devon Reed.

"I think because it is outside it makes it a little better cause we're spaced out in the pods. That's a little better but I would be lying if I said there wasn't a little bit of concern," says Ron Bullard Jr. whose dad told us he feels comfortable and prepared, saying, "We're both fully vaccinated."

So many just happy for a sense of normalcy, that is those who didn't come to the coliseum hungry or thirsty.

"Frustrating I'm up here! I'm usually fine but right now I'm not good," says Goulding.

Oakland A's President Dave Kaval Tweeted apologies to those who weren't able to get refreshments at the game saying, "So Sorry. We are extremely limited with the Covid protocols. Fans can bring their own food to ballpark. We will add more hawkers to walk stands."

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