Oakland residents want transparency from NFL if Raiders move

OAKLAND, Calif. (KGO) -- They live in the shadow of the Oakland Coliseum - a neighborhood already running on proverbial bare rims, now facing the potential loss of yet another local business.

"The Raider Coliseum is one of our last economic focal points in this area. If they go, it's all bad," said Ray Bobbitt, a raider fan.

Bobbitt talked with us on a street that has seen nine homicides in fifteen years. Hard times will do that to a neighborhood, which is why he brought a group local business owners, residents and fans to Jack London square.

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"We plan on fighting for our team," he said.

They call themselves the Oakland Coliseum Economic Impact and Legal Action Committee. Before the Raiders leave town, they asked for transparency from the both the team and the league and for a chance.

They view the Raiders as community property in a divorce custody battle.

"The Raiders are ours. We have as much right to the team as anybody," he said.

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The team did not respond for a statement from ABC7 News.

But in the neighborhood, they're willing to talk, like the barbershop at 61st and International, where a Raider departure would cut deep.

"It was just like a kick in the gut, you know," said Ron Gorgans, who got his hair cut by Jabazz Askew.

When you talk about NFL trickle-down economics, they really matter at this level.

"The big thing for losing the Raiders is those weekends with games, you can fill up the shop," shared Askew.

And in a tough neighborhood looking for hope a new stadium could fill wallets.

As for heart, they already have that. Just ask 92-year-old Teddie Radford, who has lived at 78th and Rudsdale since 1950. He's a diehard fan, even now.

"Because we love them. They win. But they don't love you back," said Rudsdale.

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