Oakland residents on edge after 1 shot during series of burglaries

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Friday, April 21, 2017
Police search for burglar who also shot one resident in Oakland
Oakland police are searching for a suspect who broke into several homes and shot one man.

OAKLAND, Calif. (KGO) -- Residents of a quiet Oakland Hills neighborhood are on edge after a series of brazen afternoon burglaries ended with one resident shot.

It happened about 5:00 p.m. Wednesday afternoon on Chimney Rock Court.

One homeowner Steve LaChapelle told ABC7 News he was in his upstairs office listening to music when a burglar apparently got into his house, locked his big dog Junior outside, and went through his belongings.

"He entered, locked my dog into the backyard by moving a piece of furniture in front of the dog door and then rummaged around, went through my refrigerator, went into a couple closets, apparently stole nothing though and exited through my front door," said LaChapelle.

The only thing taken was a soda and piece of string cheese from the refrigerator.

"I happen to look out and there was my screen hanging sideways, all bent up," said LaChapelle.

Another resident, Clarence Kyle saw a glimpse of a man in his backyard after he noticed a screen door had also been pried open.

"I went out to close the gate and I noticed that all the gates down the way and that's when I started notifying the neighbors," said Kyle.

It seems the same man then stole a sandwich. "That was crazy, to try numerous units, going into a couple. picking up a sandwich and a soda, and walking out," said Becky Taylor, a resident in the neighborhood.

At a third complex he encountered the 30-year-old resident, a shot was fired and the burglar fled.

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At last word, the victim is in stable condition. Police are reviewing surveillance video for a possible suspect description and for a car that may be related.

"I hope its just a one-off, just some crazy guy who's never going to come back," said LaChapelle.