East Bay man jumps across rooftops to evade bounty hunters, barricades himself in stranger's home

OAKLEY, Calif. (KGO) -- A suspect is in custody after a wild chase in an Oakley neighborhood Wednesday afternoon.

Police say bounty hunters tried taking a wanted parolee into custody a few hours ago, but the suspect ran for it.

He made it onto the roof of a home and took off jumping from rooftop to rooftop along Third Street.

Then the man broke into a house and barricaded himself in the basement - the family upstairs heard the commotion and ran out.

Officers say the suspect tried setting a fire.

A police dog was sent in, and Lt. Roberts of Oakley Police Department explained what happened next, "they tried getting him out. He struck a police dog with a pipe or a stick. But he's in a crawl space and they can't get him out."

Officers tased the suspect and fired at him with a bean bag shotgun, then took him into custody and to the hospital for evaluation.

The police dog he's accused of hitting is reported to be okay.

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