Market Street office buildings best view for Giants Victory Parade

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ByJonathan Bloom KGO logo
Saturday, November 1, 2014
Market Street in San Francisco was transformed into luxury box seats for the Giants Victory Parade.

SAN FRANCISCO (KGO) -- The weather outside may have been frightful, but for some lucky fans, the most delightful place to watch the Giants Victory Parade was from the office buildings along Market Street.

On any other day, it's just an office. But on this day, it's transformed into a luxury box like the ones at the ballpark.

"We are dead center with a bird's eye view. Not too high, so you still feel like you're a part of it with the windows open and the music blaring," described Will Quist, a lifelong Giants fan who works at Liftopia.

Liftopia, the discount ski website, opened their doors for a few guests and served up refreshments.

Liftopia CEO, Evan Reece, remembers what it was like to watch from down below two years ago. "I couldn't get within 10 rows of the front. So I didn't see much other than trying to squeak my way through."

Jennifer Palk-Cogley, another Giants fan, summed it up like this: "Being down there in the trenches - horrible. Up here? We've got a perfect view!"

They joined hundreds of office workers perched in windows and on ledges along Market Street.