Protesters in Oakland want body cam video of OPD shooting

Byby Elissa Harrington KGO logo
Friday, June 12, 2015
Protesters in Oakland want body cam video of OPD shooting
Protesters held a demonstration to pressure Oakland police to release the names of the officers involved in the deadly shooting of Demouria Hogg.

OAKLAND, Calif. (KGO) -- Protesters released a list of demands following the fatal shooting of a man by police in Oakland. Friday evening, protesters held a peaceful demonstration to shed light on this case.

Police say Demouria Hogg was asleep in a stalled car Saturday morning with a loaded gun inside. After officers tried to wake up Hogg, there was a standoff for more than an hour and then an officer shot him.

Family members and activists gathered at the spot where the deadly police shooting happened almost one week ago.

VIDEO: Protesters gather at spot where Oakland officer fatally shoots man

Saturday, an Oakland police officer shot 30-year-old Hogg during a standoff. He was initially found asleep in a car with a loaded gun and lots of ammo.

ABC7 News spoke with the female officer's attorney who said the officer saw Hogg reach for the pistol when she fired. The car he was in was a suspect vehicle in a burglary the night before.

"Immediately, their past started to come out, right. They did this or they did that. They had some criminal record or whatever. It's irrelevant. The police did not know who was in the car when they killed him. Demouria's record was not known until they ID'd the man that they had shot," Cat Brooks from the Anti-Police Terror Project said.

Demonstrators say they want to know the names of the officers involved and to see their body camera video.

"When things like this happen it creates trauma for the community, whether they knew the victim or not. Particularly as black or brown people, you spend your life in fear of encounters just like this," Brooks said.

Some Oakland residents were concerned things could get out of hand at Friday evening's protest.

"I'm concerned we will see a replay of what we saw in the past," Jose Dorado from Oakland Peacekeepers said.

Dorado and Rev. Cheryl Ward have been meeting with local merchants to form a community group called Oakland Peacekeepers. Their goal is to keep the vandals out and focus on the message of those demonstrating.

"The other thing we want to do is make the city accountable, make the police department accountable, to cracking down on the individuals who are doing it. And that cracking down means finding them, naming them, arresting them," Rev. Ward said.

The family has asked for peace.

ABC7 News learned Hogg was the father of three kids.

The officer's attorney said what happened is a tragedy, but that his client did act appropriately.