Brewery releases first beer brewed with yeast from space

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Tuesday, April 14, 2015
'Ground Control' beer
'Ground Control' beer

In search of the perfect cold one a West Coast company hopes to blast into history with a beer that's been to space and back.

Ninkasi Brewing Company has been perfecting the first beer brewed from yeast that's traveled to space. It's called 'Ground Control' and it's an imperial stout beer. The Eugene company spent a whopping $80,000 to send the yeast into space on two rockets just to say they could.

The beer is available in limited edition 22 ounce bottles in California, for about $20 a pop. They're not the first to try an out of this world beer. Japanese brewer Sapporo crafted a brew from barley seeds that had been sent to space back in 2009.