Partnership paid off for 'Mad Max' filmmaking couple

ByGeorge Pennacchio KGO logo
Friday, February 26, 2016
Partnership paid off for 'Mad Max' filmmaking couple
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Director George Miller's partnership with his wife helped 'Mad Max: Fury Road' with Oscar recognition.

George Miller didn't have to look far when seeking an editor for his return to the "Mad Max" film franchise he launched more than three decades ago.

The director's wife, Margaret Sixel, is an accomplished film editor - but one who had traditionally worked on quite different projects, like "Babe: Pig in the City" and "Happy Feet."

But that more sensitive touch was exactly what Miller thought could help lift "Mad Max: Fury Road" beyond the typical action flick.

The move paid off for the filmmaking couple, with "Mad Max: Fury Road" snagging 10 Oscar nominations overall, including in the Best Picture, Directing and Film Editing categories.

The winners will be announced at Sunday's 88th annual Oscar award ceremony.

Miller made three previous Mad Max installments from 1979 to 1985, but this was the first to receive Academy recognition.

Of course he said it wasn't as easy as just asking his wife to work with him on the project. She initially said no.

"She said 'I'm not into action movies'," Miller recalled. "I said that's precisely why you have to do the movie. Because I know how she does everything else. I've seen her cut documentaries and other softer movies. There's a real elegance to this. Otherwise this movie would've been just constant visual noise."