Will Costume Designer Mark Bridges win big on Oscar Sunday and take home another jet ski?

ByKarl Schmid OTRC logo
Friday, February 7, 2020
What happened to the Oscar winner's Jet Ski?
Oscar winner Mark Bridges talks to On The Red Carpet about the time he won his second Oscar and a jet ski!

LOS ANGELES -- Back in 2018 when the Oscars still had a host, costume designer and then one-time-Academy Award winner Mark Bridges, along with all the other nominees were given an incentive by host Jimmy Kimmel: to keep their acceptance speeches short. The recipient with the shortest speech would not only take home the much coveted gold statue but also a jet ski and a trip to Lake Havasu.

"If you look at my speech for 'The Artist' or 'Phantom Thread', I really feel I keep it brief. No one wants to hear me yammer on," Bridges told On The Red Carpet.

Bridges' acceptance speech that night clocked in at 36 seconds which meant he not only won for costume design on 'Phantom Thread' but he also took home the jet ski and trip to Lake Havasu.

"I did not go to Lake Havasu. I still have the gift certificate. I did give away the jet ski to the Motion Picture Television Fund so that they could auction it off and make money for their fund," Bridges shared.

This year Bridges is nominated once again in the best costume design category, this time for 'Joker'.

"I'm really proud of being a part of the Joker," said Bridges.

"It's always an honor because I was nominated by my peers and it's just really something that is very gratifying after having been in this business for so many years."

Time will tell if this two-time winner will pick up a third Oscar statue - and maybe another prize for quickest acceptance speech.