Pacifica to hold emergency meeting to assess damage to city's sea wall

PACIFICA, Calif. (KGO) -- The break in the rain has not meant a break in the troubles caused by this El Nino winter.

Residents along the already battered Pacifica coastline are taking another hit as an apartment complex has just been deemed uninhabitable.

In an emergency meeting Monday night, the city intends to confirm a local emergency.

WATCH VIDEO: Pacifica tenants upset at safety order to get out

It's likely to be a loud meeting with some of that noise coming from residents of the Esplanade Apartments, who have been ordered by police to leave for their own safety.

The city believes the apartment house is in danger of falling into the ocean.

Yellow tags were posted on doors warning residents to leave, though some residents say they won't be leaving.

"The building official says they have reached the point where no one can live inside them," said Pacifica Police Chief Dan Steidle.

For Pacifica, it's the latest drama this winter. First, waves caused damage to the city's sea wall that closed Beach Boulevard.

Then there are the crumbling cliffs beneath homes and businesses along Palmetto Avenue due the surf pounding against sandy cliffs that keep giving way to the battering.

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