Third shark sighting reported at Pacifica in recent weeks

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Tuesday, July 26, 2016
Shark sighting in Pacifica raises fears on Linda Mar Beach
A shark sighting in Pacifica still is not scaring people out of the water, even though this one got really close to surfers.

PACIFICA, Calif. (KGO) -- There's been another shark sighting in Pacifica, this time the fish got really close to swimmers and surfers.

A video captures a shark doing what it's supposed to do, feeding on a seal in its natural habitat. But the fact that it happened so close to dozens of surfers who were out enjoying the waves Sunday morning at Pacifica's Linda Mar Beach made for a frightening experience.

Stephani Ebinger was surfing with her family during the close encounter. Like everyone else, they hurried back to shore.

"All of the water that I could see had turned red," Ebinger said. "I just turned to my daughter who was right next to me and told her to paddle in as fast as she could, get a wave, as fast she could," Ebinger said.

Ebinger's husband Bruce was the one who shot this video moments after everyone got out of the water. But he says at no point was he concerned for himself or for his family.

"The shark was doing its thing and at that point, you know where it is. So it has a prey, it's going after it," Bruce Ebinger said.

This was Pacifica's third shark sighting in recent weeks and follows a police warning advising the public to stay alert. Surfers we talked to though say there's not much they can do differently.

"It's their world, not mine. So I'm just going to be dipping my toe in it and seeing how it goes," Clint Woodside said.

"There's so many other things that are going on in your mind that to be completely honest with you, it doesn't really cross my mind when I'm out there," Oz Rico said.

So while this latest shark may have been too close for comfort, in the end, it won't keep people out of the water.