Palo Alto police investigate murder-suicide inside apartment

Thursday, March 19, 2015
Palo Alto police investigate murder-suicide inside apartment
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Police are investigating a murder-suicide after two men were found dead inside an apartment complex.

PALO ALTO, Calif. (KGO) -- Two people are dead after a tenant killed a man in his Palo Alto apartment building before turning the gun on himself. Investigators are still piecing together the details surrounding the shooting.

The apparent murder-suicide happened Thursday afternoon at the Alta Torrey apartment complex on Fabian Way. Both men lived at the apartment complex and were found shot to death inside the building.

"I don't think anything like this has ever happened here before. It's like a super safe neighborhood, so it's really surprising," neighbor Jason Yiin said.

Police say a tenant in his 60s shot and killed another man with a semi-automatic handgun. It happened inside the management office on the bottom floor. The tenant then shot himself in the elevator and the gun was still in his lap when detectives found him.

"Appears to be isolated to what we have at the scene. We are canvassing the area to look for any additional witnesses, any cameras, or any other information that can help us with our investigation," Palo Alto Police Det. Sgt. Brian Philip.

Before police realized it was a murder-suicide, they evacuated the 52-unit building.

Next door, at the Jewish Community Center, parents were notified via email that police were investigating a crime nearby and that children were staying indoors and were safe.

"It's sad, obviously and busy. Wish it didn't happen obviously, but doesn't sound like there was anyone to stop it, so it's a mess," parent Leland Wiesner said.

"It's crazy. I have no idea, it's a little overwhelming to see all these people and all the police here," neighbor April Rassa said.

Police had a Toyota Camry towed away that belonged to one of the two dead men.

Police did not release the identity of either man on Thursday night.