More parents using FaceTime to keep watchful eye on children

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Friday, April 3, 2015
Baby in front of laptop

More parents are using FaceTime to help keep an eye on their children.

Rafi Fletcher, a 40-year-old mom, says she uses the technology to help babysit her toddler.

At least two times a week, out of state relatives watch over her son while she cleans the house or tries to get other work done.

While many moms are calling this a clever and creative solution, some others say it's beyond absurd.

Fletcher doesn't see it that way. "FaceTime helps me pretty much get those little chunks of time that I need. It usually lasts about 20 to 30 minutes, sometimes as long as an hour," she said.

"Do not leave the house. Grandma in Chicago cannot babysit your child in Los Angeles. Your FaceTime is not your babysitter," Karen Stewart, M.D. said.

Stewart says using FaceTime to help monitor your child is harmless if you're 10 feet away.

Fletcher says her son is always within her line of sight.