More than 1K street parking spaces to be removed in SF due to new bus guidelines

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Wednesday, December 14, 2022
More than 1K street parking spaces to be removed in SF
More than 1,000 street parking spaces are to be removed in San Francisco due to new bus guidelines.

SAN FRANCISCO (KGO) -- Street parking can be quite a challenge in San Francisco, and new bus guidelines from SFMTA meant to improve safety mean the removal of more than 1,000 parking spots in the city.

Philip Sciortino parked on a curb outside of Bob's Donuts in San Francisco after not being able to find a legitimate parking spot. He says parking has always been difficult in San Francisco.

"Seems like I always get a parking space, but it's always stressful," he said.

That stress just might intensify since new SFMTA Bus Stop Guidelines originally proposed by the San Francisco Board Supervisors last November were approved Tuesday afternoon.

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The guidelines would require 20 feet of unobstructed space from the front door of the bus. Meaning existing parking spaces would have to go away and be replaced with a painted red zone.

"It's concerning and a huge concern because we've already lost so many street parking spaces with parklets," said one frustrated Russian Hill woman.

The change is meant to increase accessibility, especially for those with mobility issues. Not all of the city's 3,500 bus stops are affected. Changes will be made to be focused on the 1,200 "flag stops" -- stops where passengers have to step off the curb and into the street to then get on the bus.

One woman, who takes both the bus and drives her own car, can see the benefits of both.

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"From a taking the bus perspective, I like having more space. From a driver's perspective it's kind of annoying meaning you have to circle the block more," she said.

SFMTA estimates it'll review bus stops over the 12-to-24 months at a cost of $3-to-5 million dollars. Residents we spoke with today say there's no way to please both bus riders and drivers, so some will find alternate modes of transportation altogether.

"One of the great things about SF, especially in the neighborhood like this, is the walkability," said one woman.

SFMTA says the changes will begin in 2023.

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