EXCLUSIVE: Video shows woman taken out by man illegally riding scooter on SF sidewalk

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Saturday, March 25, 2023
EXCLUSIVE: Woman taken out by man riding scooter on SF sidewalk
A woman is speaking out after getting plowed by a person riding a scooter on the sidewalk by Oracle Park in San Francisco

SAN FRANCISCO (KGO) -- It's happened before, a pedestrian is injured by someone riding a scooter on the sidewalk. The most recent reported case occurred just a few weeks ago across Oracle Park in San Francisco.

The collision happened quickly.

As we slow the video down, you can see how the pedestrian is struck and dragged a few feet, hitting a wooden barrier.

Jennifer Conrad is the pedestrian hit by that scooter on Feb. 18, as she was leaving this restaurant on King Street across from the ball park.

"I was coming from the restaurant to my car on the sidewalk and I saw the scooter coming really fast so I just had a second to react. I moved back and I felt that with the eye contact, but he didn't care. The look on his face was like, "get out of the way," explained Conrad.

She says immediately following the collision, she was confused and could not speak. The scooter rider tried to help her up but when she asked him for his information, Conrad says he took off.

"He left, people were like, 'hey, hey don't leave.' He left when I said give me your information. He tried to help me and when he saw more people coming, he left," she added.

There are many storied of people on scooters not abiding the rules. To be clear, the state says it is illegal to ride a scooter on the sidewalk.

VIDEO: 2 teen girls arrested in connection to scooter attack near SF's Dolores Park, police say

Two 17-year-old girls have been arrested in suspicion of attacking a couple near San Francisco's Dolores Park earlier this month, police said Tuesday.

In fact, the scooter rental companies have it printed right there on each scooter -"No sidewalk riding."

We found that a few of them continue to break the law by riding on the sidewalk.

Police are still investigating the accident. They say scooter riders are at fault in 55% of crashes. The majority involve a motor vehicle. Only 1 in 10 collisions involve a pedestrian.

Conrad filed a police report. A few days after her accident, she had bruises on her arms and feet and suffered a broken wrist.

"I don't hate scooters. I love scooters but just don't be rude, respected everybody." said Conrad.

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