Peter selects his final 4 on 'The Bachelor'

ByJennifer Matarese KGO logo
Tuesday, February 11, 2020

NEW YORK -- Peter whittled down his group of six to just four women on this week's "The Bachelor."

Madison and Peter One-on-One

"Madison, I think you're a real catch," the date card said. They went exploring through a fishing village in Peru. Peter was flying high because he got his bandage off his head from last week. After they walked around for a bit they boarded a boat, went fishing, and of course made out. She used her time wisely and made sure Peter knew that she was taking the process very seriously.

During the evening portion of the date, Madison brought up how important religion is to her. She wants her husband to be the religious head of their family. Peter admitted that he's not extremely religious but he was raised Christian. He told her that her faith inspires him so much and he wants to be a good role model to their possible future children. Peter told Madison that he's falling in love with her! WOW. She told him that she's so glad that he said it, but she did not say it back! He offered her the date rose and asked to meet her family, and she happily accepted.

Natasha and Peter One-on-One

"Natasha, Let's go explore," the date card read. Natasha and Peter strolled hand in hand through Lima. Peter got very excited when he found a street cart with a dessert his grandmother used to make him. They tried on hats, bought trinkets, and danced in the town square. At lunch, Peter talked about how Natasha is super fun, extremely honest and goofy. She talked about her family a bit and said that she has three big brothers who are very protective.

At dinner, Peter admitted off camera that he's falling in love with Madison and comparing his feelings with Natasha, he feels they aren't there yet. He kept leading Natasha, it seemed, into breaking up with him, but she just kept saying how much she liked him. They went back and forth - it was the longest breakup ever. Eventually, Peter picked up the rose, dangled it in front of her, and then told her that he couldn't visit her hometown.

Kelsey and Peter One-on-One

"Kelsey, Love is a wild ride," the final one-on-one card this week said. Peter took her ATV riding and she was more of a trooper with that than expected. They hiked up a mountain and laid down in the grass to take in the landscape and have a chat. She told Peter that she'd like to work a few days a week and also stay home with their kids someday.

Later, Kelsey seemed a bit quiet, but Peter asked her about her family and who he would meet if he visits Iowa. She said he would meet her mother, but her father won't be there. She hasn't spoken to her dad in 10 years and he reached out after she won Miss Iowa and he tried to use God as his excuse for leaving them. About a year ago, her dad texted her and so she went to see him and rekindled her relationship with him but never told her mother. She wants to make her own decision about her relationship with her father without the influence of her mother and sisters. Kelsey said her mother is unlikely to even bring it up. He offered her the date rose so I guess we'll see what happens in Iowa.

Three-on-One Date

"Hannah Ann, Victoria, and Kelley, Tomorrow won't be easy," their date card said. When the day arrived, the women hardly spoke to each other. Peter took each woman for a conversation and walk throughout the beautiful property they were visiting. Hannah Ann told Peter that she really is falling in love with him and she gave him a letter full of reasons that she's falling for him.

Peter pulled Kelley aside next. Victoria was wandering around crying. Kelley told Peter that she was worried that she was one of the only girls who didn't get two one-on-one's with him. She said that her family would love him. He thanked her for being honest with him. You could tell he was holding back.

Victoria was the last to speak to Peter, and she told him that she was fine despite the fact that she was very emotional. Peter asked her how she felt about where things left off. Victoria said, "Every single time we're together I feel like you're in a mood." Wow. That's harsh. He told her that she's given him reasons to doubt her. He added that she always pushes him away. Victoria told Peter that she doesn't want to get to the end and then lose him. Peter said he would never string her along.

Peter walked Victoria over to a waiting limo while holding a rose and then asked her to accept it! She gleefully said "yes" and then rode off to wait for Peter in her hometown. The other rose went to Hannah Ann. Hannah Ann started to sob and Kelley walked to the limo. Peter said that he was holding on to their initial meeting and Kelley told him that it "sucks" it didn't work out and there are "things" he needs to figure out.

Next Week

Peter visits the final four women's hometowns! These dates are always the best and never without drama. Madison has a secret - she's saving herself for marriage. Kelsey's mom is skeptical, and Hannah Ann's dad asked Peter to not tell her that he's falling for her. But more importantly, Victoria and Peter's relationship seems to implode. Yikes - also looking ahead to the Fantasy Suites and the finale - Madison doesn't want him to sleep with anyone else and he apparently did, at least that's what the previews lead us to believe.